Provenza Infusion is an exclusive impregnation process that allows premier performance while capturing the natural beauty and distinction in the wood. This new proprietary technology infuses acrylic with organic color pigments into various wood species, ensuring the color is brilliant and intensifies the natural grain pattern in the wood for a dramatic effect. The overall results of this innovative process converts the figured curly maple wood into a dimensionally stable material with enhanced hardness and increased density.

Our collection includes various wood species such as pine, and a highly figured species of maple that truly creates a “one of a kind” look. The infusion process results in a brilliant, consistent through-color that stays true over time while maintaining an unprecedented indentation and wear resistance. This wood is not like any other acrylic impregnation products available. In addition to the infusion process; our product has been treated with a special and highly durable UV top coat to provide superior gloss retention. The combination of all these components results in a unique and sustainable product that is unmatched in the flooring world.